Three Good Reasons To Downsize.

Downsizing always has the image of people in their later life moving to a smaller home attached to it. In reality there are lots of great reasons to downsize, from decluttering your home to reducing your carbon footprint, downsizing can be a great way to make a fresh start. Plus it all comes with the added bonus of saving the pennies to spend on something that you’ll love!

First up, what actually is downsizing. Whilst we all might do it for a different reason the idea behind it is the same. Downsizing, in a nutshell, is making do with less, moving to a smaller home in order to live a more simple, more cost-effective and less cluttered lifestyle. Below are three of the top three reasons we think downsizing might work for you.

Embracing a Minimalist Lifestyle.

Thanks to Marie Kondo there is a huge buzz around decluttering at the moment and it’s fast becoming one of the best and most simple ways for you to shake up your space. Maybe you’re tired of rifling through countless clothes while you’re getting ready every morning, or you’ve got extra pots and pans clogging up your cupboards, downsizing is a great opportunity to let go of all the unnecessary clutter you’ve accumulated over the years. You might even find that downsizing helps you cut down on the amount of material possessions you’re buying once you’re settled in your new home, making your minimalist lifestyle a long-lasting possibility.

If you’re not sure the minimalist lifestyle, but you’re not quite ready to let go of all your possessions just in case its not for you have a chat with us about long term storage options for your treasured possessions.

Freedom to Move

Do you ever feel like you are tied down by all of your things? Does the prospect of having to pack everything up hold you back from following your dreams? Take the plunge, there’s an ever increasing number of people that live very minimal lives so that they can pack up and move around at a moments notice. This is obviously easier if you are renting but there’s nothing stopping you from exploring that wanderlust it might just take a little more preparation. Sometimes a change of scenery might be just what the soul ordered so don’t let the thought of packing put you off, we offer an end to end service. Just tell us what you want packing and leave the rest to us.

Fewer Maintenance Costs

One of the most obvious reasons more people are considering downsizing is that it’s a great way of dramatically cutting costs. The first big cost to be reduced when you’re downsizing is your mortgage/rent payments. Moving to a smaller house naturally leads to reduced outgoings every month, perhaps meaning you can live mortgage-free. Lets face it, life is expensive an we would all love a little more free cash to spend on doing the things we love!

The reduced outgoings that come with downsizing mean you can save some money when it comes to your energy bills too. Day to day living costs like your water bill, heating and electricity are all reduced when you move, alongside costs of repairing bigger building. If you’re beginning to live a more environmentally conscious lifestyle downsizing can help you streamline your carbon footprint, using less energy and having less of an impact on the environment.

Moving With Pets.

We did a blog a while ago on how to help your children when it comes to moving house that proved really popular so we thought we would do another one for the furry children in your life.

  1. Make a plan – the sooner you can start planning, the better! When you’re moving with pets, there’s a lot to be done. Pets usually sense that change is on the horizon, and may show their anxiety by acting unsettled or clingy.
  2. Make arrangements for moving day – are you moving locally or longer distance. If it’s a local move look into a dog sitter or a friend that can have them for the day, this will free up your time but also be far less stressful on your pets. If it’s a longer distance move then plan a route with lots of stops at pet friendly spots along the way. If you are moving abroad then make sure you book flights as far in advance as possible as most planes can only accommodate a set number of animals at a time.
  3. Settling in – when you arrive at your new home, set up a quiet spot for your pet away from the unpacking activity. Creating a refuge with his bed or crate and a few of his favorite toys will help him relax and settle in.
  4. Prepare an overnight kit – make sure that it has enough dog food, cat litter, toys and grooming tools to sustain your pet and keep them comfortable during the first few days of unpacking.
  5. Cats need a little extra care – it’s important that your cat stays confined to the house for at least two weeks as this will allow them time to get used to their new territory. If they get out any sooner there’s a chance they will be confused and attempt to find their way back to your old house.
  6. Are you planning on moving with fish – fish respond strongly to stress and a move can be traumatising, if not fatal. It isn’t ideal, but you can transport them short distances in bags filled with their old tank water (check with your local aquarium store for supplies and more details). If you have a long distance to travel it’s best to give them a new home with a friend, empty the tank, and buy new fish after you unpack.
  7. After the move – make sure you update their tags or microchip information to the new address and phone number.

Hopefully these tips will help your furred, feathered or scaled friends settle in a little faster. If you have any tips feel free to share them with us as always.