A Van About Towns Journey So Far…

It’s coming up to 4 years since I launched A Van About Town and I just thought I would share with you some personal stories and things that I have learned since our adventure began. 


Our customers have taught me so many things over the first few years in business , none more so than during the lockdown of 2020. Their ongoing support and well wishes, during what was a difficult and uncertain time in everybody’s lives, showed me how incredible they are and what a strong and unique community A Van About Town has become. 


It was initially my understanding that team was limited to to people that I employed directly, however, I’ve since learned that it is so much larger than this. It’s all the individuals coming together and creating the bigger picture. This includes our wider network of contractors, customers, friends, family and suppliers, all of whom I’m incredibly grateful to have as part of my ever growing team.


I have found over the past few years that knowledge is key and it can come in a variety of forms. An important part of A Van About Town is the work we do with our trade partners in and around Leeds. This includes working with established companies/individuals, developing our skills on the job and bringing in their experience to assist with more specialised work. We are also continuously working hard and developing our skills through onsite training with our partners. This all combines to allow A Van About Town to offer the best service possible to our customers in Morley, Rothwell, Leeds and across West Yorkshire.

Customers Stories

I have mentioned before that I was travelling New Zealand and Asia prior to starting A Van About Town. It was here that I met an English girl and a Dutch man in the Philippines whilst snorkelling. On my return I received a call to say they were moving in together at his home in the Netherlands and would I help with her relocation from England. We carried out the move as a Man and Van service, little did I know that this would be the start of many more European adventures. Most recently we’ve added regular run to the Greek island of Corfu to our services and are looking to include more destinations soon.

Team Stories

About a year or two into A Van About Town we had had a recommendation to move a lady from Leeds to the Isle of Bute in Scotland. It was a job which required two men and a van so I took a recent employee with me. The young man that assisted me with the job with me had never been on a ferry before. Seeing him enjoy the experience as we sailed the short trip is still a highlight of the job so far. We also found some time after the move to explore the Island which topped the trip off nicely.  

Partner Stories

I was visiting the Movers and Storers Show in Manchester and it was here that I got talking to a training provider from an established firm in the area. It was early days at A Van About Town and the cost of training was not feasible at the time, however, the owner walked past and overheard the conversation and offered me a workshop at no cost. It felt like the golden ticket from Willy Wonka and the trainer whispered to me, ‘’he never does that’’. The training was brilliant. We were also introduced to another established company as they were hosting the event in Leeds and we have since assisted them with jobs after this encounter. 

 Our journey is only just beginning and we are excited to see what the future holds for us. Thank you to everyone for their support over the last few years. A Van About Town wouldn’t be the same without you.

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Lee Seymour