BREXIT Update and Guidance

On 31st December 2020 the United Kingdom (UK) left the European Union (EU), and began 2021 as an independent sovereign state.  Following years of negotiation on an exit deal it was only agreed on 24th December 2020 leaving just 7 days for everyone to understand and implement the required changes. 

What does this mean for A Van About Corfu and our customers? 

Unfortunately, due to the uncertainty of the situation we have had to postpone our planned trip to Corfu in March 2021.  We are working really hard to understand the changes, adapt our processes and secure the services of both UK and Greek customs agents.  We will be able to apply for customs clearance on our customers’ behalf as part of our normal processes.  We do understand that the cost implications may well mean that the shipping of new and multiple small items from the UK may no longer be considered viable but whatever your needs please do get in touch so we can discuss further.  We are sorry but we are not able to consider the shipping of any food stuff, alcohol, medicines (over the counter or prescription) and plants or seeds at this time. 

We will give a further update in March, and hopefully by then be able to provide some trip dates for later in the year. 

What does this mean if you want to move SECOND HAND furniture and possessions to/from Corfu?  

Because the UK is now Independent and is what is called a ‘third country’ you are in effect exporting and importing goods. To take goods out of a country, you need to export them (UK) and to bring them into another country (Greece), you must import them and vice versa should you be moving from Corfu back to the UK. 

This process now requires detailed inventories and the value of your goods to be assessed, they will then be subject to duty and VAT (24%) upon entry to Greece; however, depending on specific circumstances duty and VAT reliefs can be applied for that could allow your goods to travel tariff and VAT free.   

If you are moving as a resident (Transfer of Residency process) then you won’t have to pay VAT on the value of your second hand goods on entering Greece.  However, this is dependent on customs clearance being obtained and the relevant tax reliefs being applied for.  

If second hand furniture is being moved to a holiday home where you don’t have residency, then duty and VAT will be payable on the declared value of those goods. 

What does it mean if you want to ship NEW items to Corfu? 

The same rules apply with regard to inventory and value whether it is a single large item or a box containing 20 small of items – each item will need to be listed individually and everything being imported into Greece will be subject to Greek VAT at 24%, based on the cost of the item. 

If you are already a resident of Greece then you may be able to buy things in the UK without (UK) VAT being added. This is because supplies to outside of the UK are not subject to UK VAT. However, this will very much depend on the supplier. If successful then you will only be charged VAT (24%) when the items get to Greece.  Don’t forget though, that there will still be the cost of the customs clearance process. 

We hope to resume our Leeds to Corfu service as soon as possible.

**this information is correct at the time we published the post, as and when things change we will update you accordingly.**

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