Getting rid of pet odours.

If you have a pet the chances are that your house might have a little odour to it which is less than ideal when it comes to selling your home. Maybe you spray your house down with Febreeze or you send your dog to the groomer for a last-minute bath before guests come over. Both of these things are great, but if you really want your house smelling pet-free here are some tips to get to the source of your odour problem (without getting rid of your pets of course).

Have the right stuff.

Not all cleaners are created equal! You always want to have pet enzyme cleaner handy at your house for when accidents occur. Enzyme cleaners break down the molecules (and odour). Regular cleaners may disinfect, but they leave a lot behind, including unwanted smells.

Hoover often.

Whether you know it or not, pets (even hypoallergenic ones) are constantly shedding hair and skin (much like humans). Dander is microscopic but can accumulate around your house and lead to odour. If you have a dog or cat, we recommend vacuuming at least twice a week with a hoover designed to deal with pet hair, ideally with a HEPA filter

Regular grooming.

Brushing your canine companion has many great benefits beyond odour control. Brushing removes dead hair and skin, distributes natural oils and stimulates the skin and blood flow.  It’s recommended that you brush your dog at least twice a week to reduce dander and hair around the home. Regular trips to the dog groomers will also help keep your dogs coat clean and fresh.

Air Purifiers

Air purifiers are great for a whole host of unwanted smells but are great at keeping pet odour under control. Look out for one with HEPA filter for the best results.

Give them a little spritz

In between bathes and brush-outs, scented spritzers will refresh and condition your dog’s coat. Look for all-natural options without harsh chemicals that won’t damage their skin and overpower their noses with artificial scents. There is a huge range of doggie (and kitty) perfumes available in your local pet shops.

Wash their bedding regularly.

Pet bedding should be washed every 1 to 2 weeks. Look for beds that have a cover that is easily removed and machine washable.  In between washes, you can vacuum the bed and spray it with specially designed odour neutraliser sprays

Fingers crossed if you try the above your house will be sale ready before you know it. However, if you’re still struggling it might be time to call in the professionals to clean your soft furnishings and carpets.

Once you’ve got your house in tip top condition and your sale has completed it’s time to call in our Leeds based professional removal team to help make removal day a breeze.

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