Guest Blog – Organising for your move.

We’ve been speaking with the organisational genius that is Sue from Simply Organised Life recently about tips for getting move ready.

Have you got a Ready To Move Plan?

Before you move, or maybe be even before you put your house up for sale, it’s a great idea to have a pre move declutter.

The benefits are a decluttered house is its easier to sell, looks like there is more room and when you do move, you have less to move, saving you time, money & energy.  

Let’s start in the kitchen – Consider donating or disposing of :

  • Anything damaged or not working.
  • Small appliances – Do you ever use that Bread maker?
  • Cookbooks – When did you last open that cookbook? Maybe just keep the pages you use?
  • Out of date Food – Don’t forget check your herbs and spices!
  • Plastic storage boxes – Do they all have lids?
  • Mugs – Do you have room for 45 friends that can all visit at the same time? Probably don’t need 45 mugs! 

Lounge & Dining room

  • DVDs, CDs, Vinyl records VHS tapes, and cassettes – Do you need them all? Do you have the required equipment top play them?
  • Game consoles, gear, and extra controllers – Are they still being used?
  • Books – Review what to keep and maybe donate the rest – Books are so heavy to move!
  • Magazines – Maybe just keep a couple of titles and only the last 6 months editions?
  • Kids Toys – What is still played with? What is age appropriate?  Toys are wonderful to donate.
  • Pet toys and bedding – Is it time for new? – Introduce new before the move so the pets are used to it, so its not unsettling. Do they play with all of their toys? Maybe its time to reduce that basketful?


  • Clothes & shoes, place all of your clothes on a bed and go through them –
  • What do you wear? What haven’t your worn for over a year?  What still fits?  What makes you feel good?
  • Create three piles   – Keep, Donate & Dispose of
  • From the KEEP pile – Pack away the out of season clothes.
  • The result is you just have to pack the clothes you need & want – Leave on the hangers – Group 10 hangers together & cover with a bin liner – Just hang up again at the other end.


Just like you did with the kitchen – go through your cupboards & shelves. If it’s expired get rid of it. If you are never going to use it and it still sealed/unopened – donate it to a local hostel or refuge.

Bedding & Linen

Sort through like your bedding & linen like you did your clothes – Divide into Keep, Donate & dispose of. Anything threadbare, worn or no longer required – consider donation for weighed in rags. 

Crafting & Art Supplies

Do you need it all – Will you ever use it all? 

Consider donating some of it to the local charities and community projects.

Outside, Garden & Garage.

Allow yourself lots of time to sort through the tools, building supplies, gardening equipment & furniture, camping equipment, outside toys & car maintenance. 


  1. Tackle one room/space at a time – It can be easy to get overwhelmed.
  2. Leave lots of time to do it & start as early as you can.
  3. Collect boxes etc to pack into, don’t forget tape, labels & bin liners.
  4. Label EVERYTHING you pack – Contents AND destination room
  5. Ask for help from friends & family.
  6. Prepare a Moving day & first 24 hrs Box

Moving Day Box

  • Personal items, Toiletries, hand soap, medicines and Makeup!
  • Bedding & Towels.
  • Pyjamas and clothes for the next couple of days.
  • Chargers – VERY IMPORTANT 
  • Kitchen roll, Washing up liquid, tea towels, cloths & cleaning materials.
  • Paper plates, cups, and cutlery
  • Food, take away menus & drinks – lots of coffee and maybe some Fizz to celebrate!
  • Bin liners, post its & scissors & pens 
  • Basic tool kit & torch
  • Kids Essentials – Baby supplies, Toys, Ipads & DVD Player
  • Pet Essentials – Food, Bedding, litter tray and medicines
  • Camera/smart phone to document any problems
  • Valuables & Jewellery –
  • Important document – Including paperwork for the move and new home,
  • Paper & pen for meter readings & notes.

Sue wrote this blog for us with her top suggestions to get your house in order ready for your move. If you read through all these and still feel lost why not check out her website here.

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