Guest Blog – Preparing Your Home for Photographs

Top Tips to get ready for a professional photoshoot of your property

Attract more viewings, and maximise the sale value of your property with the aid of professional photographs

We can only photograph what we see so careful preparation to get your home ready for a photoshoot is key.  This will ensure you get the best photographs, and ultimately draw in more viewers who will offer the best price.  Read these tips to help you prepare…

  1. Repairs or DIY

Before you even engage your estate agent, you should be thinking of finishing off the little jobs you’ve always been meaning to do.  Let’s face it, if the potential buyers of your home see some dodgy unfinished DIY, this will put them off, and encourage a lower offer.  You want to maximise the offer and get the asking price, so get the small jobs done, and ensure your place is finished, so that not only is your home well presented, but it also does not disappoint upon closer inspection.

  • Thoroughly declutter and tidy…  The entire house! 

Declutter, i.e. GET RID OF!!  If you don’t want to keep it/have never used it, then throw it away or donate it to charity.  You need to create space and give the buyer the impression that your home is comfortable to live in and looks great.  No-one really wants to pay the maximum price, if it looks like there isn’t enough room to store things and live comfortably. Put things away (but do not stuff them into nooks and crannies – your viewers may well have a nosy in the cupboards..).

We cannot work magic if the spaces do not look tidy and clutter free, so put the work in in advance to ensure you have the best chance of getting the very best photographs of your home, and this will help you get your home sold as quickly as possible, so you can move on to your next dream home.

  • Cleaning

No-one likes another person’s mess, even if you are happy with your own, so get cleaning as if it is already time to move, and you are passing your beloved home to its new owner. 

  • Light

Open curtains and blinds to let in as much natural light as possible.   Make sure all bulbs are working in your light fittings and your lamps.  Switching on lamps in bedrooms is a nice way to make your rooms look more inviting, so make sure they have functioning bulbs!

  • Fires

If you have an open fire or a log burner, light it for the day of the photoshoot.  Another way of creating a feeling of homeliness and showing the potential buyer how cosy your home is.

  • Outside / Garden / Driveway

What does it look like upon arrival?  You need to create a welcoming setting so move cars and bikes out of the way, even onto another street, move the bins and prune the bushes!   

  • Staging

We have purposely left this as the last tip, as it is the most difficult if you struggle to declutter and tidy in the first place.  Just think of those little details to set off a room – buy some fresh flowers, lay up the dining room table for dinner with wine glasses.  Accessorise rooms to make them look more attractive, such as well-arranged cushions, and boots at the foot of the bed.   

Staging is by far the most effective way to get the best photographs of your property and hence get the best offer and the for sale board up as soon as possible! 

Leeds based photographer Angela wrote this blog for us with her top tips to get your house photoshoot ready. If you read through all these and still feel lost why not check out her website here.

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