Top Tips for Moving Offices

Moving your business premises is no easy task. Regardless of whether you are the leader of a big company with many staff members or you’re a little start-up of only a couple colleagues, there is a whole other world to office moves than you may at first think. But don’t worry about these things, here at A Van About Town, we have everything secured for you.


The first thing about office removal is this that either you are going to do it by yourself or you are going to hire a professional company like A Van About Town to do this task. If your hire our services for office removal, you will be assigned a move manager that will take care of everything including all little details. Really; hiring a removal company is the best choice you can make.

Prepare the Work Force

You need to make your employees ready for this change. It’s going to affect them and it’s a big change for them and for you too.

Maintain Productivity
Moving an office will have a major effect on your staff’s productivity. Your first concern should be to take care of your productivity standards. You need to keep morale high so that they are fully on board with the moving process.
Communicate With Your Staff
Keeping your staff well aware of the situation and the results is very important. Try to keep them in loop and tell them about what’s happening and how it can affect their routine. Don’t keep them in dark.
You are definitely moving for a better cause. So to keep your staff motivated, let them know that there will be betterment in their salaries and other facilities. Talk about mutual benefits. Appreciate their help.

Elements of a Commercial Move

Regardless of whether you’re hoping to move within Leeds or further afield, A Van About Town offers a one of a kind and customized removal service. Our master staff of movers, and drivers will deal with all your packing and moving requirements right from the first time  we speak.
Floor Plan
Before you move anything, grab the floor design and begin measuring things. Where is everything going to go? Will it fit? What about the power points? Knowing where things have a place will influence the move to run all the more easily, and will be less troublesome on your business.
The use of internet and phone is very important for a business communication. So as soon as you decide to move your office, be sure to warn your all hardware providers like internet service provider and other phone providers.
Setting up new Wi-Fi and other IT services can take a while. So be ready and take care of these things in advance to make your movement smoother.
Address Update
As a business, you most likely have your address showed in numerous areas, your site, business cards and promotions. Make a point to refresh these once you have finished the move or your customers won’t have the capacity to discover you. An email update to your mailing list is a well-mannered method for advising them. You may think it’s pretty obvious but believe us, in the tension of moving, it can be neglected.
But don’t forget about:
1. Updating your all policies including insurance policies
2. Taking care of parking space for loader truck outside your office
3. Try to respect other’s business if you are moving to a shared building. Use a back door.
4. Managing all the persons involved in movement.
5. Creating a budget limit for your move.

Based in Leeds A Van About Town are one of the leading companies for removals in West Yorkshire, we have helped dozens of companies relocate and are looking forward to assisting you with your move soon.

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